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About Us

The company that brings the results

EuroKosova shpk, a leader in the field of toilet paper production is a Kosovar company. 

EuroKosova shpk has the most sophisticated and innovative technology in the Balkans for the toilet paper production.

Through both of our brands, ‘Luissa’ and ‘Flutra’, we are present in the market with more than 20 products divided in 2 categories, kitchen and toilet paper. 

The ‘Flutra’ brand is exported even in other countries like Switzerland, Germany, North Macedonia, Albania, etc.

Our toilet paper has been tested in order to ensure maximum reliability for users with sensitive skin.

You will find scented toilet paper in our quality products.

Discover the amazing softness of the latest range. Every touch will pamper you with natural extracts.

We guarantee maximum comfort.


Do not hesitate to contact us, we will try to help you as fast as it is possible.


Industrial Zone,
Lipjan, Republic of Kosovo


+383 45 424 657